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Zoner Photo Studio 16 Home Edition

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ZS-ZPS-16-FPE Full Product - Extended electronic 73,00 USD 370,20 RON License
ZS-ZPS-16-FP Full Product - Single User electronic 44,00 USD 223,13 RON

“Household Use,” “Household License,” or “Household Extension.” A Program, License, or Product so indicated in its program name, product name, or on the ZONER websites or other publicly available material provided by Zoner (“Household License” below) may only be legally used at home, in a strictly non-commercial environment. The allowed scope of use of a Household License is always bound solely to the specific version of the Program for which it was obtained. When transferring a license for a higher version of the Program, a user does not have an automatic right to retention of the scope of a Household License. A Household License covers all usage of the program including cases where the Household License was offered as a supplement, in the form of an extension of another type of license. In such cases, the original License loses its original nature, and all use of the Program must be in accord with the above-defined restrictions for Household Licenses.

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