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Zoner Photo Studio 16 Home Edition

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Zoner Photo Studio is perfect for anyone who works with photos - beginner, amateur or advanced photographer.

One Program Does It All

Stop switching between different software programs to import, browse, locate, then retouch photo files. With Zoner Photo Studio all the tools are in one place. Ease-of-use makes it a hit for everyone--from individual student to family of ten! Zoner Photo Studio is perfect for individuals, students, studios, businesses and more.

Batch Edits

Need to retouch a large number of photo files at the same time? Use Batch Edit to process multiple files with a single click.

Wish to adjust the histogram for a large group of photos? Or perhaps you need to make a global white balance adjustment to several photos? Maybe a studio watermark needs to be placed on several image files in the same size, color and place?

Save time and gain consistency across your work when using a batch edit.

Intuitive Controls

Zoner Photo Studio simplifies how you work with photos: Download, Manage, Edit/Retouch, Create, Share.

Like to feel at home? You’ll recognize this software's interface right away—the Manager will remind you of Windows Explorer.

Creative Tools

Want the best photo software to personalize and customize your creations?

Work with tools the pros have—but for far less money.

  • Content-Aware Resize
  • Tone Mapping
  • Polaroid, Retro, Damaged Photo, Lomo and more
  • Panorama
  • Tilt-Shift

Weekly Inspiration

Love looking at photos that others have taken—for inspiration, education or just trying to figure out how they were created? Be sure to visit the Zonerama blog, plus get your free online album account.

We’re Expanding to New Platforms

As technology evolves, we’re evolving too, and that’s why we’ve introduced Zoner Photo Studio for your Android device.

Everything’s connected through the Zonerama galleries, where you’ll find photos both from your PC and from your Android.

We have other platforms in mind for the future too...

  • Streamline your photo tasks using just one software suite--from download to view, from name to organize, from retouch to share.
  • Display all of your images using one of the fastest Viewers on the market. See every file--whether it resides on your computer, memory card or tethered camera.
  • Instantly load photos to a feature-rich Editor workspace that displays Histogram, Exposure, White Balance, Color and Tone Curve.
  • Share photos courtesy instant upload to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and
  • Add fun filter looks such as Lomo, Polaroid, Retro, Bleach Bypass, or try advanced effects such as Tilt-Shift, HDR and 3D.
  • Perfect your photos with basic retouch options such as Sharpen, Color Correct, Red Eye Removal and more.
  • Save time with automatic sorting and Batch Edit mode.
  • One more plus--Zoner Photo Studio automatically makes a back-up of your original photo file. That’s good to know for times when you may accidentally delete a photo or make edits you don‘t like.

Zoner Photo Studio is perfect for anyone who works with photos—beginner, amateur or advanced photographer.

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