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Zoner Photo Studio 16 Home Edition

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Zoner Photo Studio PRO
Photo Management
Quicker, easier work with our Compare Photos function X      
Automatic grouping of RAW and JPG files X      
Improved work with the Catalog—useful new sorting presets X      
Quick fulltext searching in folders X X    
Maps and GPS
Intuitive map work, easy assignment of GPS coordinates to a photo X      
Automatic display of photos’ locations on a map, and of how many are at each location X      
Photo Editing
Content-aware resizing: adjustment of a picture’s size and aspect ratio that takes into account its important and unimportant parts X      
Editing controls are now all together in one place (the Side Panel) and have one look-and-feel X      
Side panel for Quick Edits X X    
Clarity control X X    
Vibrance control X X    
Place Shape tool X X    
Tilt-shift effect (simulation of miniatures and of depth of focus) X X    
Quick Filters (quick black-and-white, Cross Process, Polaroid, retro, etc.) X X    
Tone Mapping HDR X X X  
Damaged/Old Photo effect X X X  
Deform Tool, for free deformation of a picture X X X  
Fill with Surroundings—one-click retouching X X X  
Advanced noise removal X X X  
Optimization, Compatibility
Easier to use with touch screens X      
Works faster and better than before on computers with multi-core processors X X    
GPU acceleration (GPGPU) X X X  
Export to the MPO, JPS, and PNS 3D formats X X    
Automatic backups of the original versions of your pictures X X    
Automatic folder synchronization X X    
New Import module—easier downloading, more options, easy tagging during import X X    
Photo Sharing
Automatic sharing on Facebook and Zonerama X      
Completely unlimited space for your photos on the Zonerama web galleries X      
Photos on your Zonerama albums can be edited right from inside the program X X    
Easy management of Zonerama albums and their pictures from inside the program X X X  

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