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Launch announcement ( 2013-05-09)

WinZip Computing, a Corel company, introduces WinZip 17.5, building on its strength as the industry's leading compression, encryption and file sharing software. Available as a free update to registered WinZip 17 customers, WinZip 17.5 adds new IT administrator controls, a streamlined interface, significantly faster unzip and enhanced cloud sharing including support for CloudMe.

Offering a better way to manage, protect and share files across the cloud, social media and email, the new WinZip 17.5 includes:

  • Enterprise IT Controls - New network administrator options make it easy for IT departments to control file sharing and protect corporate information. Companies can keep information safe with WinZip by managing which cloud storage, social media and file sharing services employees are allowed to access and enforce AES encryption and password protocols during the process.
  • Boosted Productivity - An updated and modernized UI makes it even easier to find the tools you need in WinZip. Set your preferred cloud storage account for quick access. Add a timestamp to watermarks to better protect documents, even after they've been unzipped. With more power under the hood, WinZip 17.5 now unzips .zip and .zipx files up to four times faster than before.
  • Enhanced Cloud Sharing - When connected to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and CloudMe, users can start with as much as 23 GB of free cloud storage and see how much storage space is available across all their accounts from directly within WinZip. New support for the EU-based CloudMe storage service is ideal for global deployments and European customers.

"WinZip 17.5 is a major update that enhances your productivity and gives you even more power to protect your information from prying eyes. New network options enable admins to manage exactly how employees can access, protect and save files to the cloud; while users gain the benefits of a simpler application, faster performance and a better way to keep their files safe," said Patrick Nichols, President of WinZip.

About WinZip 17.5

Designed to make file sharing safe, fast and easy, WinZip 17.5 gives you a single place to access the files you've saved on your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and CloudMe accounts. Banking-level AES encryption helps you keep files secure; while zip compression lets you get the most from your free and paid-for storage space and save time and bandwidth. WinZip 17.5 also makes it easy to convert your files to the best possible formats for sharing and provides convenient ways to deliver files and links through email and social media.

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