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PDF-XChange Viewer Pro 2


A Note About Product Bundles:

PDF-XChange Pro is actually a product suite that includes a PDF-XChange Standard, PDF-Tools & PDF-XChange Viewer PRO.

PDF-Tools is bundled with PDF-XChange Viewer PRO.

Headline Functionality PDF-XChange
Viewer PRO
PDF-Tools PDF-XChange
Volume discounted license packs available: FREE

Single User Licenses
Starting at $37.50

Single User Licenses
Starting at $45.00

Single User Licenses
Starting at $24.00

Single User Licenses
Starting at $44.00

Single User Licenses
Starting at $74.00

Windows OS/Support - Windows XP, Vista, Win7 (32/64 bit)
PDF Specification Support (assumes latest is Acrobat 8 - PDF spec 1.7)
ISO PDF/A 1b Specification Support Viewing only Viewing only    
Terminal Server/Citrix Compatible
Multi Language UI Support
Output Documents from any WIndows application & create new PDF file        
View PDF Pages/Files (Requires PDF-XChange Free Viewer Installation)      
MS Office Toolbar Addin and integrate enhanced MS -> PDF Functionality        
Complete control over PDF creation properties     Limited
Batched & “watched” Folder Conversion to PDF of MS Office documents        
Create Interactive Adobe PDF Forms (requires MSWord 2003 webforms)        
Scan directly to PDF      
Convert Images/Text direct to PDF (wi thout using a 3rd party application)      
Manipulate/Modify Existing PDF files   Limited   Add only
Mark-up, add Commenting Type etc. on PDF files      
Extract Content from PDF to Text/Image/PDF formats      
Excryption/Security options    
Digital Signature Support    
Optimization/Compression control      
Font Embedding Options     Always Embeded
Paper/Custom Forms options    
Control Resolution/Scaling    
Add Watermarks/Overlays      
Developers API available (subject to licensing)    
NEW! - OCR Image and Scanned based PDF files      
Partial Feature List  
Portable Version Available          
Resolution - Max DPI output N/A N/A 2400 2400  2400  2400 
Scaling allowed N/A N/A
nUp, Booklet, Brochure Page printing provided      
Mirrored Printing Supported      
Include 'Clickable' URL links - literal      
Include 'Clickable' URL links - embedded (e.g. 'Click Here') MS Office only        
Add Clickable URL links to an existing PDF      
Convert MS Office Table of Contents (TOC) 'Clickable Links' to PDF        
Convert MS Office Web Forms to interactive Adobe PDF Forms        
Add Watermarks (Text & Image)      
PDF Overlay Options (overlay one PDF onto another)      
Image/Text Compression options when converting to PDF   Auto Auto Auto
(JBIG2,JPEG,JPEG2000 Runlength, ZIP, LZW CCIT3/4) Auto Auto Auto
Graphics Downsampling options (Linear, Bilinear, Bicubic)      
Also Colour -> Grayscale -> Mono options      
PDF File Optimization for advanced content control        
Complete Font Embedding control      
PDF Security/Encryption Options (40, 128 and 128AES bit options)    
Automated Bookmarks Creation options - Enhanced      
Add/Edit/Modify Bookmarks     Add
Automated Headers/Footers Creation options - Enhanced      
Add document Information/Metadata/XP Metadata      
PDF user defined File naming control via Macro/Javascript rules*    
Automated Email send via SMTP/MS MAPI compliant options    
Create Job Profiles and save settings for later job specific use        
Advanced Memory Management      
Scan directly to PDF      
Convert Image files to PDF - Raster/Metafile Image Formats      
Convert PDF to Image Format (Raster Formats only - BMP, JPEG, TIFF etc)    
Convert PDF to .DOC/.RTF (no OCR capability)        
Extract PDF Page/File, Image content to an Image File (BMP, JPEG, TIFF etc)        
Extract PDF Page/File, text content to a text file etc (no OCR capability)      
Extract PDF Pages to a new PDF file      
Merge PDF files      
Append/Insert Pages from 1 PDF file into another PDF file      
Re-Number Pages/Files        
Comprehensive Job Management Features        
Append/Insert New pages to an existing PDF    
Merge PDF files      
Append/Insert Pages from 1 PDF file into another PDF file      
Delete, Rotate, Crop PDF pages      
Highlight/Cross Out/Underline existing PDF page text    
Add Shapes & Objects to a PDF Page    
Add Image/Signature to a PDF Pages/Files    
Add Hyperlink to a Page/File      
Custom Stamps    
Export Adobe Forms Data (to .FDF)    
Search PDF file for Text (Advanced and Simple)    
Complete and save PDF Forms for later Editing/Email/Posting    
Integrates w/ Translations tools like ABBYY Lingvo 12, Translate It!, etc    
Re-Order Pages (Drag and Drop via Thumbnail View)      
Browser Integration (IE, Firefox etc)      
Portable Version available - just 4Mb    
Scan Pages and create new file or add to an Existing file      
Overlay PDF Pages      
Navigation Tools such as 'Loupe' and the 'Pan' included    
PDF-XChange Viewer PRO - Upcoming Feature list These features will be provided free to all Version 3 Licensed users
  ( feature already available in PDF-Tools application)
Re-Number Pages/Files      
Resize Pages/Files      
Re-Optimize PDF File      
Personalise Viewer User Interface      
Add Watermarks (Text & Image)      
Add Thumbnails      
Ruler with Grid lines for Group operations with Annotations      
Extract Image content from a page to an Image File      
Group Operations with Annotations      
Form Field Editing (Edit Field Properties)      
Proof Reading Mark-up options/symbols support      
Export Text to .RTF/.DOC Formats (no OCR Capability)      
Improved Text Functions with CJK Fonts      

Important Notes:

Some features indicated may be in a bundled application included rather than the actual named application. e.g. Mark-up & Commenting functions available with all versions of PDF-XChange/PDF-Tools are provided in the PDF-XChange Viewer(free and PRO) - not in the Print driver or PDF-Tools applications directly.

We strongly advise all users to download and test the evaluation versions prior to purchase to avoid disappointment as refunds are only offered in the event serious and uncorrectable flaws are uncovered. All evaluation versions downloaded can be converted to licensed installations by simply re-installing the same download and inserting a legitimate serial number on request.

This product comparison chart is not an exhaustive list all features and functions - merely an indication of the minimum features provided within each product bundle available.


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