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Easy and versatile video editing

Easily edit your standard and HD videos. Add picture-in-picture effects, titles and scrolling credits. Rotate video with one click; auto-adjust color, brightness and contrast.

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Capture streaming web videos

Save video from YouTube and other popular sites on your PC and convert them to play on your TV, iPhone, iPad, and other portable device.

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Convert video files - faster

Convert DVD video, web video or any other video file automatically to a preferred format for easy playback on your mobile phone, iPad, iPod or other portable device.

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Hollywood-style video effects - Nature

Spice up your videos with 8 amazing video effects found in nature and beyond: fire, fog, rainfall, snow storm, smoke, fireworks, fairy dust and sparks.

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Hollywood-style video effects – Enhance & Style

Add more style and character to your videos. Includes 6 video effects: Aged Film, Skew, Destabilize, Interference, Newsprint, Visual Harmonizer. (found in Creator NXT PRO Only)

Create green-screen effects

Create green screen visual effects – just like on TV and in movies. Transport yourself to the moon, Mt. Everest, or make a presentation along with all the relevant facts and figures...

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Stabilize and rotate video

Easily fix shaky video shot with hand-held cameras or smartphones. Rotate video with one click.

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Create Hollywood-style DVDs, even in 3D

Personalize your finished movies with custom standard and high-resolution menu styles, animated themes and music for any occasion even in 3D.

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Take your TiVo to-go

Archive your TiVo shows and movies to DVD and free up your TiVo space. Remove commercials or unwanted episodes, then convert for playback on iPad, PSP and more.

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Create mixes for any occasion

Create hot music playlists for any occasion. And, to keep everybody dancing, Creator's beat matching feature will automatically synchronize the rhythm from song to song.

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Powerful Sound Editor

Trim unwanted parts, combine multiple tracks together, normalize the volume across the mix and add fun effects. Create advanced playlist projects with crossfades, transitions and audio mashups.

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Preserve old LPs and tapes

Digitize your classic analog LPs and cassette tapes - even clean up pops and hissing. Then automatically convert into a preferred file format for sending to your iPod, mobile phone or use in custom CD mixes.

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Enhance with background music tracks

Premium collection of 50 background music tracks for slideshow and video once available only to professionals. 100 professional background tracks included in Creator NXT PRO

Extract audio from a video file

Extract audio from a video file, like one you shot with a camcorder, or downloaded from YouTube. Then, quickly edit the file and save it into a format that you can play on your iPhone, or other portable player.

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Identify your audio...automatically

Automatically add title, artist and genre information to your audio files - without retyping. Great for audio captured from Internet radio, LPs, tapes or streaming music services.

Capture web audio

Roxio Easy Audio Capture makes it easy to capture Internet audio, whatever the source - if you can hear it, you can capture it.

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Create custom ringtones

Why buy a ringtone, when you can create one for free from any audio you have on your hard disk? It's quick and simple.

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Organize & Fix

Quickly browse, tag and organize your growing photo collection. Easily make adjustments and quick fixes: remove red eye, erase wrinkles and blemishes, correct color and brightness

Easy yet powerful editing & design

Create your own unique designs with rich vector illustration tools, art brushes, text tools, tubes, object selection and comprehensive layer editing controls

Protect originals with layers

Use layers to protect your original image, especially with complex editing such as adding elements, creating image compositions, or applying artistic enhancements or text.

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Add stunning effects

Take advantage of over 50 adjustment filters and 112 special effects. Get the look of tilt-shift photography without expensive lenses and turn a scene into a miniature world.

Apply custom borders

Apply a custom fade to the outer edge of a photo to emphasize the focal point of your image. Choose the shape, color and tone of your borders, and adjust the amount of blur, glow, and feathering.

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Create the perfect group shot

Combine elements from several shots of the same scene to create the perfect photo. Improve a group photo by taking the best smiles from a series of shots.

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Smart object removal

Seamlessly remove objects from an image with professional quality; expand or contract objects without distortion.

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Brighten dark colors

Brighten shadowy areas of your photo without changing the rest of the image with Fill Light. Try the Clarity filter to draw attention to subtle details, dramatically increasing the texture and depth.

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Restore old photos

Easily remove scratches and dust from a photo, adjust exposure, crop ragged edges, straighten a photo and adjust color.

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Create and print one-of-a-kind photo keepsakes

Make cards, calendars, posters and other projects with your own photos and the included templates.

Create sweeping panoramas

Turn routine snapshots into sweeping vistas by stitching together two or more pictures side-by-side -- perfect for depicting landscapes, crowd scenes and architectural photos.

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Built-in social media sharing

Easily share your photos and creations faster with sharing to Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, Google+ straight from the Organizer window.

The industry standard for burning

Roxio delivers the best and easiest tools for archiving and sharing your irreplaceable media files on CDs or DVDs. Span large projects across multiple discs. Archive up to 50 GB on high capacity Blu-ray Discs.

Convert video files

Convert DVD video, web video or any other video file automatically to a preferred format for easy playback on your iPad, Kindle Fire, game console, Android smartphone and other favorite device

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Safe and sound backup

Back up your files to CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc or network drive. Schedule unattended backups or do it manually.

Drag. Drop. Burn. Copy.

Easily burn, archive and copy* data, audio, photo or video CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs - directly from the desktop.

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Create custom DVD compilations

Copy an entire 9 GB DVD movie onto a standard 4.7 GB DVD. Create custom DVD compilations with up to 4 hours of DVD video on a single disc, while maximizing disc space and video quality.

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Burn a DVD from an ISO Image file

To make multiple DVD copies, or to archive your DVD productions, consider outputting an ISO image file to your hard drive. Burn additional copies of the DVD from that ISO image file.

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