Protect & Restore Windows Workstation

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Backup / Replica

Flexible Scheduling Mechanism / Near CDP

(Continuous Data Protection)

Protection policies can be scheduled from every minute to a particular day, week, month, etc.

Smart Incremental Backup

A full backup or replica will be automatically created whenever necessary

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Automatic Exclusion of Redundant Data

(OS page files, zero data blocks, etc.)

Allows speeding up backup, while minimizing storage requirements

Support of Microsoft VSS

The use of Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service allows 100% data consistency when taking snapshots of Windows machines

Paragon UFSD

(Universal File System Driver)

Provides fast and reliable access to major file systems

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Paragon VHD (pVHD)

(Virtual Hard Drive)

It's a cutting-edge backup image format that provides exceptional security, compression ratio, and integrity control

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Support of Any Guest OS Hosted by vSphere

Supports VMware vSphere 5.1, 5.0, 4.1, and 4.0

Support of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

Full compatibility with the latest operating systems by Microsoft

Virtual Machine Protection for vSphere

Agentless Backup of Online / Offline VMs

(entire machine only)

The use of the VMware snapshot mechanism enables to significantly enhance the backup performance, while minimizing the load on target machines and the hypervisor during the process. Besides, there’s no need to provide credentials for every guest

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Agentless Replication of Online / Offline VMs

(entire machine only)

Higher replication performance and less load on target machines and hypervisors. With VMware snapshot, the replication process speeds up and no additional credentials are needed to access the guest machines

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Agent-based Backup of Fault-tolerant Systems

The concept of the VMware fault-tolerant system doesn't allow agentless protection through the VMware snapshot mechanism. This type of systems can only be protected from inside by using physical agents

Agent-based Backup of Guests Hosted by Non-commercial VMware ESX

Since agentless protection through the VMware snapshot mechanism is unavailable for this type of hypervisors, the only option to protect their guests is to use physical agents

Support of VMware CBT The use of VMware Changed Block Tracking ensures full or incremental backups or replicas are created with the minimum time and impact on ESX
Paragon ITE
Paragon’s Image Transfer Engine is an alternative way of tracking data changes. It's automatically used when VMware CBT fails

VM Disk Provisioning Type Specification

(default, thick, thin)

Helps to optimize the use of storages

Physical Machine Protection

Agent-based Backup

A special agent embedded to every target physical machine interacts with the infrastructure and accomplishes backup tasks

Backup of Entire Physical Machines

Protection of entire machines guarantees complete data safety

Backup of Separate Volumes

(mounted or unmounted)

Protection of particular volumes allows minimization of backup windows and storage requirements

Backup of Workgroup Machines Our solution can not only protect members of a domain where it is deployed, but any workgroup machine on the net

One-Stop-Wizard for Immediate Protection

One-Stop-Wizard helps to instantly configure and initiate protection of single physical servers and workstations

Virtual Machine Recovery

Restore Point Specification
(for backups and replicas)
Enables to specify any available time-stamp during recovery

Launch of VM Replicas

(from Protect & Restore Console)

The specified replica will be correctly detached from the replication process and then launched, which may take only a couple of seconds

Restore to the Original Location

(the original VM is replaced)

When restored to the original location, the original machine will be automatically deleted (it should be offline)

Restore to a New Location

(includes proper reconfiguration of VM)

When restored to a new location you will be prompted to provide a new name for the machine, and a host and datastore to reside it. The VM configuration file will be modified accordingly

VM Disk Provisioning Type Configuration

(default, thick, thin)

Helps to optimize the use of backup and replica storages

Physical Machine Recovery

Remote Restore

(non-system volumes)

Our solution enables to accomplish recovery of data volumes directly from Protect & Restore Console

On-site Bare-metal Restore

(entire computers or separate volumes)

An entire physical machine or separate volumes can be recovered on-site with a special WinPE media prepared beforehand through Boot Media Builder. To do restore the target computer should have a network connection to Administration and/or Backup Servers

Paragon Boot Media Builder Helps to prepare a customizable WinPE-based recovery media for bare-metal restore operations

Paragon Recovery-ID

Administrator sets up a restore task in Protect & Restore Console, then sends the generated task ID to the user. The user should only start up the failed computer from the WinPE recovery media and enter the obtained ID. The restore operation will be accomplished automatically, thus avoiding any mistake from the user's side

Manual Bare-metal Restore

The problem machine is started up from the WinPE recovery media. After connection to the infrastructure, Administrator manually specifies the desired machine, volume, and restore point

Paragon Adaptive Restore

Allows restoring a Windows-based system to a completely different hardware

Support of GPT/uEFI configurations

Allows restoring a 64-bit Windows system configured to the uEFI-based boot mode


Migration between ESX Datastores Enables to migrate a virtual machine hosted by ESX to another datastore
P2P-Migration Thanks to Paragon's Adaptive Restore a Windows-based physical machine can be smoothly transferred to different hardware
V2P-Migration Combination of the agent-based backup and Paragon's Adaptive Restore opens up the option to convert a virtual machine to physical
Management & Administration
True Distributed Architecture

Allows great flexibility and enterprise scalability

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Paragon Protect & Restore Console

One central console for operations in physical and virtual environments

Paragon GoForSure

Paragon's GoForSure is a special mode, when policies don't run till the end, but a particular step, which is defined by a level of validation (fast, medium, thorough). Validation enables to be pretty sure created policies will be completed with a success

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Intelligent Load Balancing Unlike other tools that use simple round-robin algorithms to balance load across the backup infrastructure, our solution considers Backup Server's availability, access to source data, current backup repository load by other concurrent tasks, and other factors

Network Traffic Compression

Minimizes load on the network

Traffic Throttling

Allows managing network bandwidth among clients to ensure QoS (Quality of Service)

Paragon ProTran

Paragon's ProTran is a unique data transport protocol, specially optimized to run jobs over highly latent connections by automatically establishing multiple TCP/IP connections per job, which enables to significantly (up to 300%) boost performance of VM data transferring over WAN links

Multi-user Administration

Several users can simultaneously administer the infrastructure

Extra Windows PowerShell Console

For those, who are accustomed to automation scripts and command-line tools, the product additionally includes a Windows PowerShell-based console that provides even more functions than the GUI-console does

Protect & Restore Backup Server

Supported Backup / Replica Storage

ESX datastores, local disks, NAS, SAN, FTP/SFTP

Data Retention Mechanism

Allows configuring special policies to determine backup lifespan and occupied space

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Archiving to Second-tier Storage / Dual Protection

Implements the concept of dual protection, when at first target machines are quickly backed up or replicated to the primary storage, thus minimizing the impact on the production environment, and then these objects are copied (archived) to the secondary storage during the night or a weekend as scheduled

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Backup Verification

Allows checking up integrity of any member of created incremental chains at any time to make sure backup data is not corrupted. During the checkup, all members of the given incremental chain become locked for access to avoid any interference

Storage Browser

For easier administration all storages are open for browsing. Having a list of all created backups and replicas at hand, you can easily find and initiate an integrity checkup for those you consider critical, or delete those you don’t need any more, or initiate a restore operation

Notification & Reporting

E-mail Notifications

Enables to set up email notification policies by a particular type of events or several types (errors, warnings, information, etc.) for an infrastructure component or activity you’re interested in (backup or replica policies, etc.)

Effective Troubleshooting

Every user or service activity is journalized, which enables to pin-point roots of any encountered problem. For more efficient communication with Paragon's support team,  there's Log Saver that allows easily collecting all or particular infrastructure logs

Deployment & Upgrade

Unified Installation Package

Any infrastructure component can be installed on-site from one unified installation package 

Remote Components Deployment

(through Protect & Restore Console)

Once Protect & Restore Administration Server and Console are installed on-site, all other infrastructure components can be deployed remotely

Group Policy Support for Agent Deployment

There's the option to add any number of target machines to the infrastructure in one operation

Manual on-site Components Deployment

If having troubles with the remote deployment, you can initiate deployment of any component on-site

Workgroup Machines as Part of Infrastructure

Any workgroup machine on the net can be used as Backup Server, etc.

Automatic Connection of New Domain Machines

Enables to automatically add new domain machines to the infrastructure through a special service that monitors activities in Active Directory

Easy Update / Upgrade

All infrastructure components except for Administration Server can be upgraded without restart, guaranteeing complete consistency of the infrastructure database


User Group to Control Remote Access

Only members of a special group are allowed to administer the infrastructure

Configurable Ports

Default ports can be changed to comply with your corporate environment


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