Hard Disk Manager 12 Premium

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Features Benefits
Incremental disk imaging Unlike differentials, which capture all changes since the last full image, incremental images contain only changes since the previous incremental. This increases backup speeds and cuts down on storage requirements
Retention Wizard Set up effective backup schedules for full, differential and incremental backup strategies, in physical and virtual environments
Application-level excludes Increased backup performance, minimized backup storage requirements, and elimination of interference with special-purpose backup tools by automatic exclusion of MS Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Hyper-V, or VMware Server from the backup process
updateImproved Connect VD

Use all functionality available for physical disks on virtual disks with one of the two new options:

- Mount Paragon’s backups (.pbf images)

- Mount a virtual disk in the non-destructive mode. This is a special read/write mode, in which all changes on the connected disk are being saved to a snapshot, thus providing complete safety for the original disk’s contents. If needed, this snapshot can later be merged with its parental disk by using standard tools included with the virtualization software.

- Remote connection of virtual drives through vSphere interface to accomplish drive partitioning, data exchange, or OS migration of Windows virtual environments hosted by ESX.

Support of Oracle VirtualBox 4.0

Accomplish any type of P2V Copy, P2V Restore, V2P, V2V operations with virtual disks of Oracle VirtualBox 4.0

New partitioning engine Paragon has implemented a completely new engine for all drive partitioning operations, providing faster, yet safer operation
Split partitions Separate OS and data or different types of data by splitting one partition into two different partitions of the same type and file system, thus providing for more effective data organization and safety
Support of GPT/uEFI configurations Successfully clone, migrate, or restore a 64-bit Windows system configured to the uEFI-based boot mode; fix uEFI related boot problems
Support of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Our product is compatible with the latest operating systems by Microsoft

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