Hard Disk Manager 12 Premium

( SKU: PSG-233-PME )

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Storage lifecycle maintenance for Windows Server

- Exchange Granular Recovery
- Adaptive Restore
- Migrate OS to SSD
- GPT Loader

HDM Premium combines all of Paragon's technologies and expertise in storage lifecycle management, data protection and sanitization within stand-alone physical and virtual Windows environments.

  • Seamless restore to dissimilar hardware (Adaptive Restore)
  • Supports both, physical and virtual hard drives
  • Differential and incremental backups
  • Paragon Retention Wizard for automating backup routines
  • Application-level excludes for Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint...
  • Live Windows system migrations (P2VV2VV2PP2P)
  • Connect to virtual disks as if they were physical
  • Automatic partition alignment boosts storage performance
  • Advanced disk wiping algorithms
  • Windows 8, Server 2012 and GPT/uEFI support
  • Support for SSDs and AFDs (2TB+, non-512B sector size)
  • Comprehensive WinPE recovery environment* 

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