Deployment Manager 10 for SMB & Enterprise

( SKU: PSG-168-PEE-PS )

Features Benefits
Support for the latest Windows 7 Install the product and accomplish any operation under Windows 7; create and deploy Windows 7 master images
WinPE 3.0 Bootable Media Enjoy support of a wider range of hardware configurations

Improved Boot Media Builder

Prepare not only Linux/DOS, but WinPE bootable media (CD/DVD) or PXE images; WIM deployment template is added to its configurations

Adaptive Deployment

Use one master image to successfully deploy to different hardware configurations

Automatic pre-setup of Microsoft DHCP

If there's a Microsoft DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server on your network, it can be automatically configured during installation of PXE Server
More flexibility for Client-Driven Mode It can browse for active sessions and join a ConstantCast session by SID (Security Identifier)
Improved Linux Boot Media It supports browsing for required deployment images
Log Saver under WinPE The program enables collection of all necessary logs under WinPE
Improved Console GUI The Console GUI (Graphic User Interface) can now boast more usability; minimizing your efforts in accomplishing deployment operations

Adaptive Imaging Tools

The product's installation package now includes Paragon Adaptive Imaging Tools
Updated Evaluation License Grants you the right to try the product for 60 days

Product Structure:


Deployment Console for centralized initiation, management and monitoring of deployment sessions.


Infrastructure Server is the crucial element of the program's architecture to deliver images to target computers.


PXE Server to remotely boot client computers via LAN. Integration with an external DHCP server.


Boot Media Builder to create bootable CD/DVD or PXE images based on Linux/DOS and WinPE 3.0.


 Hard Disk Manager for PC maintenance, backup, migration, optimization and recovery.


 Adaptive Imaging Tools to prepare a universal image for further deployment to various machines.



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