Deployment Manager 10 for SMB & Enterprise

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General Product Features
Disk Imaging Make an exact image of the system drive for further cloning
Adaptive Deployment Use one master image to successfully deploy to different hardware configurations
Stand-Alone Deployment Deploy a system image to a bare metal PC with the removable media
Remote Deployment Remotely boot a bare metal PC via LAN and then deploy a system image to it. No user involvement is required on the remote PC
Post-Deployment Configuration Customize the client disk layout and set up the required Windows settings (PC name, DNS, display, etc.) after the image has been deployed
Remote Deployment Console Initiate, manage, and supervise all deployment sessions from one place
Client-Driven Deployment via Network (ConstantCast) Initiate deployment directly from the target PC with no need of the central console. Clients will be able to connect to the required multicast session at any time
Object Deployment (Deployment API) Make it possible to integrate Multicast together with ConstantCast with any existing deployment techniques including WDS/BDD/ImageX
Imaging Features

Zero-Install Imaging

Take an image of a prototype PC with no need to install any imaging software

Adaptive Imaging Tools

Prepare a universal master image for further deployment to various machines
Central Image Storage It's the most preferable way of storing images. The Infrastructure Server can access it directly with no need of sharing, thus avoiding unauthorized access
Image Management Create deployment templates, thus minimizing  the system deployment time and costs
Hard Disk Manager/Drive Backup Integration Establish a reliable data protection system or carry out maintenance or upgrade tasks of any complexity
Browsable Images Get access to backup images of entire hard disks or separate partitions and retrieve information you need
Differential Backup Archive only changes since the last full image, thus considerably saving the backup image space
Synthetic Backup Change any property (merge a given differential image with its full image, split/un-split, compress/de-compress, etc.) of an existing image without carrying out a physical backup operation
Remote Deployment Features
Session-Based Deployment Deploy several groups of machines with different system images or settings simultaneously
Automatic Sessions Deploy a system image to all computers connected to a particular session (computers booted via LAN are automatically connected to this kind of session)
ID-Based Sessions Deploy a system image only to the computers booted from the media with a specific identifier
MAC Address-Based Sessions Deploy a system image only to the computers listed as authorized with MAC addresses serving as identifiers
Session Scheduling Set a timetable for a deployment session to launch it on a regular basis
Cyclic Deployment Connect a PC to the already running session at any moment and launch deployment just from the current stage. When the session is over it will be automatically re-launched to complete the deployment of this very PC, thus considerably reducing the overall deployment time
Multicasting Simultaneously transport the same image parts to several remote PCs, thus significantly relieving the network traffic
Speed Control Facilities Automatically disconnect slow-going or not-responding target machines from the session to keep the highest deployment speed possible
Deployment Monitor Supervise execution of any deployment session: the operation progress, computers connected to a particular session and their state
Integrated Paragon PXE Server Remotely boot a bare metal system via the network with no bootable media required
Wake-on-LAN Support Remotely power on computers to deploy via the network with no bootable media required
Hard Disk Manager Features
Hard Disk Migration Copy an entire hard disk to a hard disk of larger or smaller capacity
Partition Cloning Copy a specified partition to a block of the free space (the on-disk un-allocated space that is not assigned to any partition)
Disk/Partition Automatic Resize Automatically expand or schrink partitions according to your needs
Incremental Copy Copy changes from the moment of the last hard disk copy operation. After performing a comparison between a previous copy of a hard disk and its current state, only sectors that are different will be updated, thus considerably decreasing the amount of data to write
Hot Copy Process locked partitions and hard disk under Windows NT+ family operating systems providing both high operating efficiency as well as low hardware requirements
Auxiliary Deployment Features
Boot Media Builder Prepare bootable media (CD,DVD) or a PXE image based on Linux/DOS or WinPE 3.0 to get a client computer ready for the deployment procedure
Manual Deployment Boot a machine from the bootable media and then initiate deployment by using a system image contained on that media or in the remote Image Storage
Post Processing Features
Microsoft Sysprep Automatically send the required sysprep configuration file to a remote PC after the deployment procedure is over
Files Update Automatically update the required files and .ini entries after the deployment procedure is over
Paragon Scripting Execute a script made in any Paragon utility to perform the required partitioning or backup operations after the deployment procedure is over
Custom Application Run Launch any custom application after the deployment procedure is over

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