Nero Video 2014

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NEW! Application design vastly improved

  • NEW! Simplified access to menus and settings in all application windows
  • NEW! Make easy use of Nero’s unique Drag & Drop Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Generator
  • NEW! Switching from express to advanced video editing is now even easier
  • IMPROVED! Greatly enhanced media organizer with optimized workflows and performance

NEW! Video Editing & Authoring via Drag & Drop

  • NEW! Now simply drag & drop your clips to be video edited and authored, into the home screen drop zone and your project will start automatically with pre-configured settings

NEW! Nero Seamless Music

  • NEW! Use Nero Seamless Music to automatically match projects with royalty free music
  • NEW! Additional drag & drop genre templates to adapt your project duration and musical dramaturgy with Nero Seamless Music

NEW! Slideshow to TV streaming

  • NEW! Stream your Slideshows to your TV including fancy themes, effects and music
  • NEW! Stream Movies to your TV and control them via your TV’s remote control
  • NEW! Stream your Music Playlists throughout your home

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