Allplan Workgroup Manager


Ease of Use

Work at the individual network workstations is as easy as at a normal workstation. The main advantage apart from data and project availability in the network is the central user and project administration.

Synergy Effects with Central Project Organization

Allplan Workgroup Manager organizes CAD and layout workstations in local area networks (LAN) and creates significant synergy effects in planning and design offices. Central administration ensures that all projects can be accessed from every workstation. Project access rights can be defined across the network, enabling employees various rights and different levels of access.

Flexible Project Work

Allplan Workgroup Manager makes it possible for several users to work on a project concurrently. This ensures that the same dataset is made available to all those involved. It is also possible to check projects out of the workgroup in order to process them further elsewhere, e.g. on a notebook. This provides optimum support for flexible office structures.

Excellent Support of Office Standards

Allplan facilitates the definition of an office standard that can be accessed directly by all the users in the network. You centrally store linetypes, symbols, smart symbols, textures and so on here. These standards can be managed with particular ease using the Workgroup Manager. The project owner can also decide to deviate from these standards, something that is often important when working with other offices

Clearly Defined Access Rights and Data Protection

By assigning access rights to a project, it is possible to allocate projects to certain users. Only the project owner or system administrator thus has the right to delete projects or change project settings.

Privilege sets for layers

Layers play an important role, particularly in data exchange. The Workgroup Manager helps you to adhere to the rules for data exchange by allowing you to assign privilege sets to layers and thus to grant users specific access rights. This prevents changes being made inadvertently.

Private User Profiles Personal Work Settings

In contrast to a standalone installation, the settings in the Workgroup Manager are saved on a user-specific, rather than computer-specific, basis. As a result, each user can access his or her personal settings on any Allplan workstation. This includes symbols, smart symbols, the size of the crosshairs or color settings.

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