Parallel Computing Toolbox


Perform parallel computations on multicore computers, GPUs, and computer clusters

Solve computationally and data-intensive problems using multicore processors, GPUs, and computer clusters. High-level constructs—parallel for-loops, special array types, and parallelized numerical algorithms—let you parallelize MATLAB applications without CUDA or MPI programming. You can use the toolbox with Simulink to run multiple simulations of a model in parallel.

The toolbox provides twelve workers (MATLAB computational engines) to execute applications locally on a multicore desktop. Without changing the code, you can run the same application on a computer cluster or a grid computing service (using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server). You can run parallel applications interactively or in batch.

Built-in Parallel Computing Support in MathWorks Products

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server for Amazon EC2 - Early Adopter Program

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