Glare Technologies Limited

Indigo Renderer 3

( SKU: GTL-IR3 )

Ultimate Image Quality X X
Realtime Scene Changes X X
GPU Acceleration with CUDA and OpenCL X X
Physically Accurate Sun and Sky X X
HDR Lighting X X
Subdivision and Displacement X X
Realistic Camera and Lights X X
Lab-measured Metal Materials X X
Object Instancing X X
Fully Accurate Motion Blur X X
Production-ready Commandline Build X X
Section Planes   X
Orthographic Camera   X
Spherical Camera (3.6.x)   X
Invisible-to-camera objects (3.6.x)   X
Shadow-catcher material (3.6.x)   X
Light Layers   X
Subsurface Scattering   X
IES Lighting   X
Network Rendering   X
EXR Output   X

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