Suitcase Fusion 6

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Creative Inspiration

Your creative time is precious. Explore, organize, search and stay typographically inspired with your professional font manager, Suitcase Fusion.


Your fonts are front and center in Suitcase Fusion. Easily review and compare fonts side-by-side in an immediately familiar and intuitive interface.

OS X Yosemite & Windows 8

Suitcase Fusion is fully compatible with your operating system – OS X or Windows.



Focus on your work, not your system. Automatically activate required fonts with professional-grade auto-activation plug-ins for critical design and publishing apps: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, InCopy and QuarkXPress.

Creative Cloud & Creative Suite

You require modern tools to stay on top of the creative game. Optimized for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014, Suitcase Fusion puts every single one of your fonts – whether they are active or not – at hand in your creative applications.


Find It Fast

With lightning fast predictive search technology, QuickFind knows what you’re looking for, almost before you do.

Locate Similar Fonts

Extend your font searches to locate similar fonts, down to the glyph level with the innovative QuickMatch technology.



Organize fonts in ways that make sense to you. Build font sets similar to playlists in iTunes, or even have Suitcase Fusion do it for you with Smart Sets.


Because fonts are a critical part of your computer, trust Suitcase Fusion as your partner to provide a safe, stable and reliable place for your critical fonts.

Cloud-Based Archive & Restore

Design isn’t restricted to a single office anymore. Suitcase Fusion makes it easy to transfer your collection between multiple workspaces with cloud-based archive & restore for Dropbox, Google Drive and more.


Whether this is your first font manager, or if you’ve been with Extensis from the beginning, Suitcase Fusion provides a stable, straightforward upgrade process.

Font Fingerprinting

To ensure that the exact fonts are used when your documents require them Suitcase Fusion includes Font Sense technology to precisely identify fonts, even identifying differences between apparent duplicates.


Selecting a typeface is the first step in many design projects. Build quick project samples using live fonts in mere seconds with QuickComp.



Finding a new typeface can change the direction of your design career. With the Fontspiration pane, you can locate something new for your creative work and explore the boundaries of typography design.



Manage your fonts wherever they may be with connections to Adobe Typekit and Google Fonts.


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