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Vue License Server 3.6


Manages Vue Infinite Vue xStream, Vue RenderNode and Vue RenderCow licenses and issues temporary licenses to the computers on your network

You can have Vue installed on all the computers of your network, while only a subset of these computers will actually run it at any given time. Each license can be used on multiple seats (but only one at a time): the License Server is responsible for issuing temporary licenses as they are requested.

When a Vue license is installed on the License Server, it is not linked to the computer using it, but to the License Server computer itself. This is the best option for studios that use several computers in a network, because registration and license management will be centralized using the e-on License Server application.

With Vue "work" licenses*, there is no distinction between a nodelocked and a floating license. A license automatically becomes floating when it is installed on a License Server. You cannot install the same license on a specific computer (nodelocked license) as well as on a License Server (floating license).

Use of the License Server is contingent upon the payment of a yearly fee. If you no longer wish to use the License Server, your Vue licenses can still be used as nodelocked licenses.

The E-on License Sever can also be run as a service, avoiding the need of logging onto a user account to launch it.

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