4D Virtual Builder Light v.1.2


Manage 4D objects in a datagrid with intuitive user interface (basic)
Add and manage the basic attributes of 4D Objects: Name-startdate-enddate-4D Types
Add and manage user defined attributes of 4D Objects
Navigate through time. Manually step-by-step or by an automatic play function
Select date by calendar, by milestone, or stepswise (next, previous, ... )
Generate scenes automatically by chosen date-interval.
Default set of activity profiles and SketchUp materials (4D Tyes)
Manage 4D objects by data grid window with intuitive user interface (extended)
Create and manage custom activity profiles and materials (4D types)
Automatically generate project images (jpg,png,bmp) per date.
Import/Export xml schedules form MS project, Powerproject and Primavera
Changed Visualization
4D Annotation Text
Automatically generate Powerpoint slideshow
Live synchronisation with tasks defined in external scheduling software.
Gantt Chart visualization NEW in release 2.0
Multi language support NEW in release 2.0
4D Movie Generation beta NEW in release 2.0

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