BricsCAD Pro V13


3D Drawing

Assembly modeling

Assembly modeling allows you to organize .dwg files in hierarchical structures of mechanical components to model complex products. Assemble your products with both top-down and bottom-up design and compose your assembly with ease with the powerful 3D constraints between faces and edges of different mechanical components. Use existing geometry (including one imported from other CAD systems) to form mechanical components or browse trough thousands of standard X-Hardware parts (screws, nuts, bearings, ...). View the component hierarchy with the mechanical browser and maintain visibility in complex assemblies by hiding components.

Assembly modeling
Kinematic analysis

Kinematic analysis

Move or rotate parts of your model to solve real-time forward and inverse kinematic problems.

Bill of materials

Generate a top-level or bottom-level list of all mechanical components used in a drawing.

Bill of materials

Dynamic UCS

With the dynamic UCS feature enabled, the coordinate system is aligned automatically with a face of a solid when drawing entities. Faces highlight when moving the pointer while a drawing command is active and the XY plane of the coordinate system aligns with the highlighted face. When the drawing command finishes, the previous UCS is restored.

Dynamic UCS

3D Direct Modeling in Rendered Mode with the Quad tool

BricsCAD Pro offers Direct Modeling in native .dwg - no conversion needed. With the 'Quad'-tool, which reduces clicks to an absolute minimum, modeling in rendered mode is made easy.

2D and 3D constraint solving

BricsCAD offers powerful tools for direct solid modeling using geometric constraints solving. Solid models can be modified by defining constraints between its elements. If there is a 3D constraint which fixes the placement of faces or edges, this constraint will be preserved during your modeling operations. It allows you to parametrize any feature of the 3D model.

3D constraints
Design intent

Design Intent Recognition

For example, consider a model with a number of holes of the same radius. When the radius of a cylindrical face is modified, other faces that share the same diameter are recognized and modified automatically to keep the radii synchronized.

Powerful 3D Render Engine and Materials Editor

BricsCAD has an extremely powerful rendering engine allowing you to work in permanent render mode. Materials and lights can be created and edited in the Materials section of the Drawing Explorer.

Smart Selection


Chapoo connectivity

With Chapoo you can upload files and share them with friends and colleagues. They can view your files in the cloud and annotate them to leave their comments; no downloading of the files or installation of any software is required.

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Dynamic dimensions

Dynamic input and dynamic dimensions

Dynamic Dimensions are available while creating /editing entities. When moving a grip point, all related dimensions are displayed in real time and can be modified on the fly with Dynamic Input.

Associative dimensions

Dimensions are updated automatically when the geometry has changed. You can even dimension Model Space entities in Paper Space and see them being updated when you modify the entities in Model Space. Dimensions can now be linked to entity snap points such as endpoints, midpoints and perpendicular.

Associative dimensions


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Settings manager

Settings manager

In the Settings Dialog you can check or modify the current value of all settings. The settings can be viewed alphabetically or categorized, grouping related settings in a tree view. The built-in search feature lets you find settings quickly and intuitively.

Mline - Multiline

The Mline command creates multiple parallel lines. You can create and edit your own multiline styles in the Drawing Explorer.


Attribute management

BATTMAN (Block Attribute Manager): this command allows you to edit all attribute properties and settings in a block definition, then synchronize the changes in all block references.

Graphic device per viewport

This new feature allows you to print a multiple viewport layout of which each layout has a different shademode applied: e.g. hidden lines removed, rendered, wireframe.

Sheetsets Manager

Sheetsets Manager

A sheet set is a collection of layouts from different drawing files. The Sheet Set manager lets you manage existing sheets sets and create new ones from scratch or based on a template sheet. Sheet sets can be published, printed and eā€transmitted.


Page setups

Using page setups you don't have to go through all the options on the Print dialog each time you want to print your drawing. All settings can now be saved to a Page Setup, which can then be applied to a paperspace layout. Page Setups are saved in the drawing and can be copied between drawings.

Page Setup

Publish improvements

It is now possible to reverse the order of the sheets in a sheet list and to move sheets up and down in the list. A 'Publish in background' option is added.

Other features

Layer filters

Layer filters

Use expressions and layer properties to filter out sets of layers, and store filters for reuse. The current layer filter optionally can be applied to the Layer combo in the Entity Properties toolbar.

Layer explorer

For layouts and paper space viewports, columns were added for ViewPort (VP) Color, VP Linetype, VP Lineweight and VP Plot Style.

Layer explorer
Block manager

Block manager

Browse blocks in non-open drawings and insert them in the current drawing from the new Blocks panel in the Drawing Explorer.

Reference editing

The Refedit tool allows you to edit the content of external references (Xrefs) and block inserts from within the current drawing, which is referred to as in-place reference editing. RefEdit either works on a portion of the reference which you edit or on the entire drawing or all entities in the block.

Reference Edit
Commandline improvements

Commandline improvements

When typing a command autocomplete suggestions show in a small popup window. If the current entry matches a single command, the command name is completed automatically.

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