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End of Sales announcement ( 2014-09-26)

Version ACDSee 18 was lauched

Launch announcement ( 2013-09-27)

Seattle, WA – September 25, 2013 ACD Systems International Inc. announced the availability of ACDSee 365, a membershipbased desktop and web application that will bring together everything users need to edit, manage, share, and access their entire photo and video library in one place.

Packed with the latest and greatest in photo editing and management software, video conversion and sharing, not to mention the ability to organize and store in the cloud,” said Doug Vanderkerkhove, Founder and CEO of ACD Systems, “ACDSee 365 puts the most technology in your hands for the best value.

Membership Plans

ACDSee 365 consists of three membership plans. The Basic membership gives access to ACDSee 365, and advanced stats and analytics. The ACDSee 365 Family Plan membership offers the best value; it includes the same as the Basic membership along with the most current ACDSee software, with free upgrades for one year. The ACDSee Free membership gives users unlimited enjoyment of the Family Plan for 15 days. All memberships have the option to purchase storage plans up to 100GB.


Designed to act as an online extension of a user’s ACDSee application experience, ACDSee 365 securely preserves images in the cloud. Its clean, advertisingfree interface puts the user’s images in the spotlight without distractions.

ACDSee 365 Family Plan allows access to all the latest in ACDSee software, including the company’s newest releases, ACDSee Pro 7 and ACDSee 17.

ACDSee Pro 7

Professional photo management at its best, ACDSee Pro 7 empowers users with the ability to catalog, organize, perform advanced edits, and share photos - all in one complete, speedy application. Some new features include:

  • Lighting and Contrast Enhancement - Photographers are able to rescue photos that are too light or too dark with ACDSee’s patented LCE technology. This allows them to instantly lighten shadows and reduce highlights in one click, or adjust individual sliders to fine tune every aspect.
  • Nondestructive repair tool - Users will now be introduced to the ability to nondestructively erase flaws, blemishes and other unwanted objects with powerful Heal and Clone options. They can even copy and paste an adjustment - such as the removal of dust spots - onto multiple similar images.
  • Radial and Linear Gradient tools - Photographers can nondestructively apply a radial or linear gradient as they correct exposure, saturation, fill light, contrast, and clarity, to gradually progress outward from a center point or subtly across a photo. They can also copy and paste settings from one photo to another or apply in batches, and blend multiple gradients for even more compelling results.
  • Nondestructive Sharpen/Blur brush - Photographers can utilize brushes to nondestructively blur or sharpen specific areas of images. They can choose their brush size and the amount of feathering, and add a linear or radial gradient to help achieve exactly the look they want.
  • Info Palette Users can access key shooting information while working with their photos. The Info Palette will conveniently display a host of data alongside an image, including white balance, metering mode, exposure program, and whether the flash fired. Plus the ISO, fstop, shutter speed, exposure compensation, focal length, and more are all visible in one spot.
  • Copy and paste metadata - Users will be pleased at being able to save time by copying and pasting metadata on the fly, from one image to another. They can easily select among IPTC, GPS, and ACDSee metadata.
  • Secondary monitor support - The viewing real estate is now increased. With added support for a secondary monitor, users can see a large preview of any image they select during the review process, without missing a beat.

ACDSee 17

Photographers will now find that managing a growing photo collection has never been so easy. And with so many ways to edit shots like a professional, they will be proud to share their best. What’s new in ACDSee 17:

  • Lighting and Contrast Enhancement - Photographers can rescue photos that are too light or too dark with ACDSee’s patented LCE technology. They will find that they can instantly lighten shadows and reduce highlights in one click, or adjust individual sliders to fine tune every aspect.
  • Radial Gradient tool - Users can apply radial gradients to any editing effect to subtly progress across the photo. They can create offcenter vignette effects or multiple vignetted areas, or draw focus to a specific object.
  • Switch between databases - Now users can create as many ACDSee databases as they like, and quickly and easily switch between them.
  • Improved interface - The look and feel of ACDSee has been revamped in order to showcase photos as the clear center of attention.
  • Find the unfindable - Photographers can easily search and filter for photos that have no keywords assigned to them.
  • WebP support - Users working with webP files will be happy to know that ACDSee supports viewing and converting to this new image format.
  • Better access to metadata tools Users can conveniently access any metadata function in the new Metadata sub menu via Tools.

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