3d-io Website

Step 1
In case you haven’t done so already, install the Plug-in trial version

Step 2
This download also includes the license manager. You can find it in your start menu (START - BONESPRO - LICENSE MANAGER).
Start the license manager and use it to generate an installation code.

Step 3
To generate an installation code, fill out the ‘User Name’ field in the lower half of the license manager (titled ‘Registration of new Products’) and click on the Generate button.
You will receive an Installation code in the text field next to the button.

Step 4
Copy this code into the license request form here:
Fill out the rest of the form and click the send button.

Step 5
Your order will be checked and you will receive your license key.
If you need any further information, contact: info@3d-plugin.com
Thank you for your purchase and we wish you successful creative work with our tools!

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